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Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Lisa lived in South Africa and New York through her extensive studies, and at the end of 2013 moved to Toronto, Ontario to seek a new adventure and awakening.

Her soul and passion are fueled by her love of every human being she encounters; with self-love and healing at the core of her being and practice style.

She utilizes her knowledge and expertise in health, wellness, and nutrition, harnessing her creative soul to help people with their entire lifestyle, while ultimately helping them find and develop their true passions, calling, and healthiest life possible.

She is the founder of LIFEBYLEESE, a Holistic Nutrition + Lifestyle Consulting Company that incorporates her love of health, wellness, nutrition, food as medicine, and natural beauty.

Through exclusive & individualized services including nutritional counseling, holistic lifestyle changes, meal planning, goal setting, and life coaching, she custom-tailors services to each client while providing education on how to live their most optimal life.

It was while enduring over six years of illness, seeing countless medical specialists, and undergoing tests with no answers or diagnosis that her thirst for nutrition, healing, and health ignited a flame within her that hasn’t and will never stop burning.

Over three years ago Lisa came to her own diagnosis of Lyme Disease. After medical tests confirmed a chronic case, she began healing herself naturally through nutrition, lifestyle practices, and mind/body connection. She has experienced what many of her clients have been through and is both empathetic and grounded in her knowledge and treatment of them.

While going through this health journey she not only managed to survive, but thrive, attaining Summa Cum Laude through her multitude of studies around the world.

With a diploma in Social Work from the University of South Africa, a Fashion and Business Marketing diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, a Holistic Health Counselor Certification, CHHC, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and certification under the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP where she is a board certified Holistic Practitioner and now a practicing Holistic Nutritionist through further education, she is ready to take her extensive education and experience to help patients truly glow from the inside out.

Combining her knowledge of the human body with her training in holistic health, Lisa is able to structure more comprehensive health programs with her clients both in Toronto and around the globe. Lisa’s work is never surface level, as she digs deep to truly understand the individual as a holistic whole. Her sessions are personalized, as she values each unique mind, body, and soul and goals of her client.

Lisa stands strong when it comes to cultivating health and beauty from the inside out.

Ultimately her passion in life is to help people heal and find their true passion, while attaining optimal and vibrant health through holistic practices.

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