From reading my posts I’m sure you guys all know that I adore / love natural beauty, and its corresponding products. The greener, more natural, short ingredient list the better. This wasn’t an overnight switch for me, as before I got sick, I still used conventional, drugstore products, EHM I’m talking about you Cetaphil, which I held on to tightly for over a decade. Anybody else? It’s a hard one to let go of, because it somehow keep things neutral, but I knew I had to say goodbye to it. 

As I learned more about the toxic load on my body, and most notably our largest organ: the skin, I slowly started to make the switch over to organic, natural, green beauty products. We sometimes forget how porous our skin actually is, and that everything we put on top of our skin (deodorant, moisturizer, body wash, face wash, serums, oils, etc…) inevitably goes into our blood and lymph fluids, and any corresponding toxins must be excreted by the liver and kidneys (they are already working overtime with food, hormone disposal, and alcohol / prescription meds) which therefore creates a toxic overload and burden, not only on our liver, but our entire body. Long story short, I’m no purist in anyways, but I’m happy to say that most products fall under the category of 90-100% botanical, natural, green and organic. This isn’t always the case, as I do use sunscreen, and sometimes my serums aren’t 100% natural.

Today though I don’t want to talk about the products that I put onto my skin, which are part of the equation, but the habits and things you can do every single day to help keep your skin glowing and clear (with my hormones, thyroid, Lyme disease) this was a huge uphill battle for me. I experienced cystic acne, countless flare ups, and scarring which thank goodness did not stick around due to these tips, lots and lots of tender love and care from whole foods + natural products, experimentation, and cutting things out of my diet.

In any case, there are things we can all do every day to keep us free and clear, and are so, so, so simple and don’t cost a lot of money, IF anything at times! We don’t always have to through money at a problem, often time some of the answers lie within, and in the simplicity of it all. 



1) Wash your bedding + pillow cases often – Once a week for sure, twice if you can! The bacteria that builds up from unwashed hair, daily grime, natural oils from the hair and face can wreak havoc on our skin. It’s a good practice to get into, and who doesn’t love freshly washed sheets. One of my simple pleasures!

2) Avoiding long, hot daily showers – When we are exposed to hot water for a long period of time, our skin will dry out, and any skin condition you have (eczema, psoriasis, acne, breakouts) will be exacerbated to the max. Hot water, and especially hard shower water is extremely harsh and stripping on our epidermis.

Be mindful of how often, and how long your showers are. Turn down the heat, and replace your shower head that has a filter in it!

3) Ladies, clean your makeup brushes often – I don’t use or own brushes as my makeup comes in a pot, which my fingers are used for application. But I know many people who use brushes! Even after one application, oils and bacteria can build. Wash them with Dr. Bronners soap at least once-twice a week.

4) Hands off – This one is a hard one for some! We become so unconscious of what we’re doing with our hands sometimes, that our dirty hands get all over our face. Resting, leaning, and chatting on our phones are major culprits for breakouts. Be mindful of how often you’re touching your face throughout the day, especially if you’re brown to breakouts, inflammation and oiliness. 

5) Don’t pick – I knoooooow this is a hard one for many, especially those of us who deal with flare-ups (white heads). It’s extremely tempting to pick, squeeze and pop our pimples, and I have to admit I’m guilty of this, but have learned many a lesson.

At the end of the day it will only make it worse, I promise. It’s much, much easier to cover a pimple, than it is a scab/scar. Trust me on this! It is something I’m working on myself. I’ve read that putting lavender oil + a bandaid on top of pimples works wonders. What I find helps is not looking in the mirror pre or post wash, oil application. To be honest, I usually do this in the dark! Silly I know, but it prevents me from looking at my skin and examining it. When I do this, they always, always go away on their own. 

6) Relax your face – Squinting, frowning, raised eye brows, scowling, all of these create pronounced and deep wrinkles! Remember when your parents used to say, if you keep doing that face, it will stay they way? They were 100% Right! You can see in people who squint lots or furrow there brows, pronounced lines stay. I used to furrow when I was deep in thoughts, and stopped the habit about 6 years ago, and became very mindful about it.

This goes back to complete and overall mindfulness of your body and mind. Just as you’re aware of your thoughts, be aware of your body – posture, hands, face, etc…Don’t be fanatical about it, because that’s not cool either, but just relax and fall into a more peaceful resting state.

7) Be mindful of your sodium intake – After I cut salt out of my diet, I use Himalayan Salt on occasion, I noticed a huge difference in my skin – more glow, not as puffy, clearer eyes, less pronounced circles under my eyes. Salt creates fluid retention, which in turn creates puffy eyes, and a bloated face. Actually after I eliminated salt, people thought I had lost weight, it was simply the elimination of added salt.

Using a million products, and ones that cost $$$$, will never truly give us the benefits that they promise. It’s all about creating, healthy habits in our overall health which include: lots of pure water, green smoothies and juices, hydrating fruits and veggies, lots of healthy fats, making sure we’re getting our full range of B vitamins, adequate amount of protein, vitamin D, sweating, moving our bodies, sunshine, nature, mindful practices and using clean, simple and natural products that work for your skin type. 

Do you guys have any further skin tips or secrets you would like to share?


If you’re struggling with your skin, and want to finally heal not only the skin, but your internal self, let’s chat! I offer Free 15 minute consults, where we can just chat and see if working together is a good fit moving forward. In a few weeks I’ll be unveiling my new website, which will have a brand new services page and offerings, ones targeted at skin specifically. I can’t wait to share all that lies within!


love & light

Lisa X 

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  • Amanda

    Thanks for this post. These solutions are so simple but I often forget about them, or am not conscious of how I’m letting things build up or fall behind (laundry, I’m looking at you). It’s nice to have these tips laid out.

    • lisa Post author

      Thanks so much Amanda!! I know, it’s taken me awhile to fall into the routine and habits of them all. The one that is hard to keep up with is the pillowcases O_O I think a good solution is just investing in 2-3 good sets and rotating them! <----I need to do this myself 🙂 Thanks for your kind words + support. Have a beautiful weekend Xo

  • Tajna

    I wish I’d been aware of these tips years ago when I had bad acne and the dermatologist was trying to get me to go on Accutane ( no way ). I still have acne scars but they are slowly fading thanks to some great oils such as Barbary Fig Seed Oil and Frankincense. Although I don’t use them anymore they did help the redness to go down a lot. Also I’ve found that using Manuka honey as a mask over years has helped calm down the scars. I was bad about picking at my scars though so maybe that’s why they got so red. Also I’ve found that using toners without alcohol in them doesn’t irritate the scars as much. I love Pura Botanical’s mist but use Evan Healy’s Lavender Hydrosoul on a daily basis. Oh and there’s nothing better than a Greek yogurt and turmeric powder mask to brighten your skin, thanks to Abigail O’Neill.


    • lisa Post author

      Those all sound wonderful! Happy to hear your skin has cleared. Acne is NOT fun! Oh I will have to try that mask from Abi, so wonderful. Thanks for sharing these tips! Have a beautiful day X L