OMG, wedding cake inspiration! Or this

For some reason I’m really into these ?

Yikes, this isn’t meant to scare you! But it’s always a good idea to know where your fish came from when eating out! 


Please come back in stock, please come back in stock. 

Has anyone tried this one yet? 

Perfect fit

Honeymoon planning. Possibility


OMG. My ebook is coming out this month!!!!!!! STAY tuned for a release date + an update on this page. 

GUYS, this deodorant is everything. It truly deserves a video and post on its own. 

Have you made this one yet? It honestly makes the perfect summer BBQ dip to bring. Or this ? I make it a few times awake and we eat it almost daily. 

Think you’re doing everything right when it comes to nutrition, and your body, but nothing is working? These could be the reasons why.  

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Lisa xx


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  • Tajna

    Ohmygosh ! That treehouse in Costa Rica looks stunning !
    The second carrot cake recipe looks amazing…except for the two whole cups of pitted dates. That is a scary amount of sugar and calories. Surely a tablespoon or two of raw honey would be healthier ? I always ask for Model Chocolate’s Love Me Bittersweet Jaffa Pie on my birthday every single year, it’s so delicious and totally worth it.
    Cute little loafers, I love shiny burgundy shoes like that. Shame now it’s really summer where I lived I can’t wear heavy shoes anymore. Over the weekend it was down in the 60s F and now it’s in the high 80s. Oh well !
    I use Schmidt’s too ! The little jar of Ylang-Ylang lavender with a little scooper is what I have. Not sure if it works that well but I adore the smell.

    Have a lovely day ! 🙂

    • lisa Post author

      🙂 The dates don’t bother me too much! And cakes are meant to have calories and sugars in my opinion 🙂 They are such a treat and I really only eat cake once or twice a year. A wedding cake is calorie freeeeee to me 😉 If someone was eating this all the time, then absolutely it would be a lot of sugar. But some people can metabolize this sugar, but that’s very rare (people who thrive as fruitatarians are rare!)

      Schmidt’s is the best! I’ve tried the jar before, but prefer the stick. It’s soooo insanely effective for me. Honestly, the only natural stuff that’s worked for me in the best six or so years.

      Have a beautiful day!