This might be the coolest mug in the world. 

Live in a city? This just might be your best friend. 

NEW discovery, and they’re Canadian. 

In my cart, waiting for it to come back in stock 

A little shocking stat! 

Dream kitchen + loft. I adore lofts. We live in one, and I simply adore it. It’s great for minimalists like us! 

THIS COMPANY! Another new discovery to me. I live five minutes from one of their warehouses + labs. Who knew? Curious to test some of their products. 

Ladies, get into these! Make sure you’re using organic femcare. 


I can’t recommend supplementing with collagen enough. It can be life changing for joints, tissues, inflammation and skin! 

Curious to know what the insides of my eBook looks like? Be curious no more! I give you a little BTS sneak peek ♥

Last weeks Week In Glow! So many yummy goodies + discoveries. 

My favorite green smoothie right now has Apple Cider Vinegar in it, unsure? This will convince you! 

That’s it friends! I hope you’re all having a lovely week thus far. 

See you at the end of the week. 

Have you tried any of the above products? Always curious to know! (In case you haven’t concluded, I’m a major curious george, who is always researching, reading + asking questions) 

Lisa xx 

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  • Tajna

    Hey Lisa !

    Cool finds as usual. I’m drooling over the Sangre de Fruta products, wow they look so so good ! I’m going to Croatia next week so I thought I’d share with you where I’m going to be shopping 🙂 ( not to make you jealous ! ). Hopefully you can travel there someday !

    My friend Anton runs the first organic ( “bio” ) shop on the island of Hvar ! It’s an amazing yet tiny store full of local goodies. Last time he gave me a complimentary bottle of lavender oil when I left, so sweet of him ( and it smelled divine ).
    This is a new little shop in Korcula and the owner makes and sells her own face and body products with ingredients from a biodynamic farm !
    There aren’t websites for the little jewelry stores in the town of Korcula but they sell unique filigree ( “filigran” in Croatian ) jewelry so I am excited about that.
    My cousin’s friend designs and makes his own jewelry based on traditional pieces in Hvar. I have a snakeskin turquoise bracelet and pendant from him that I love !

    I’m sure I’ll be stopping at more “bio” stores and little places with no websites , so so SO excited to go !

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds ! Been juicing turmeric and beet in the 90 degree heat following afternoon yoga in the shade, so refreshing.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • lisa Post author

      Tajna you’re going to have the best time!!! All of these shops + discoveries look beautiful. Enjoy every second of your vacation. Big love xx L