YUM, making this ASAP. With a few subs. 

Oh, this is oh so scary! It actually makes me sad that people are eating some of these things 🙁

This was so accurate! I’m a true INFJ. What are you? 

Simple + elegant dress for my upcoming summer weddings.

Next two books! One + Two. 

I just can’t get on the unicorn trend, especially this one. 

First of all, I’m obsessed with her new website, I’ve been following her for over right years now. And this article which I just read yesterday. Brilliant, a must read for all women. 

Trying her products next! I’ve known about her for awhile, but read an interview with her last week, and felt compelled with try her beautiful potions. 

Should be here any day now! 

AHH, she’s amazing. We share a giant love for RMS + sauerkraut


Lisa X 

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  • Tajna

    Wow that personality test is spot on ! I’m an INFJ and it’s totally accurate . I love helping others ( especially with health ), am an adept writer who has started so many stories/narratives, very creative and intuitive, talented in languages. WOW. Thanks for sharing that !
    Eeeew to the unicorn frappes ! I saw one in my class the other day and it looked so gross. All neon pink, purple, sprinkles,foam….what’s next , dippity doo frappes ?!
    And Dore is spot on too ! I love PORTER magazine and have subscribed to it for several years. When I saw Bella Hadid on my latest cover I started to judge…but realized most plastic surgery is done out of insecurity and conformity to society’s “rules” AS WELL AS an authentic artistic desire of expression. Does that make sense ? Who cares. And I ended up liking Bella solely from that interview.
    This is the mask I just ordered, can’t wait for it ! The packaging is so beautiful, she even has a special clay mask mixing bowl with a gold lotus in the center, just brilliant !
    Oooh love your journal ! What color did you decide on ? ( Such a book nerd, sorry ! ) I just picked up The Zookeeper’s Wife, can’t wait to delve in.
    Adore the Beauticate site, sometimes re-read Abi’s profile, so inspiring.

    Have a beautiful day ! 🙂

    • lisa Post author

      It’s totally spot on!!!

      I know, they are sooooo scary.

      You totalllly make sense Tajna.

      That mask looks heavenly. I’m sure you will enjoy every last drop 🙂

      I got black, of course 😉 It’s my favorite color.

      Happy reading + beautiful week ahead

      L xx

      • Tajna

        Oh I didn’t know black was your favorite color ! I like lavender most. Actually I never wore black until last summer when my sister gave me some beautiful pieces of clothing from a brand she was working for. Two black long sleeved tops with open shoulders,one is a turtleneck. At first I didn’t know how to wear them but now I like to wear them with grey or black/white striped dresses and palazzo pants. I’m wearing one now under a black/white/grey striped slip dress. I’m so into color, my room is lavender but you know…you literally never know until you try things out !

        And The Zookeeper’s Wife is excellent ! Just found this : and hope to have a go again !

        • lisa Post author

          yes, I love it!!! Blank slate to life, open to everything that comes my way. It’s also just sooooo easy and simple as I wear ‘uniforms’ so I don’t have to think twice about what I’m wearing. I also don’t enjoy shopping, so wearing black / white just makes my life so much simpler.

          Oh so cool! I’m not into making kombucha, so I’ll buy it happily 🙂 🙂 Goodluck!

          L xx