If you’re in / or live in Toronto! Dine here. Pretty, pretty, pretty. 

At what age should you start using a serum…?

AH, Love discovering new sites + products. Especially when they are Aussie based. I love everything Australian! They took nutrition + natural beauty to a whole new level 

Prebiotic goodness.

Going gold

My new website – would love to know your thoughts! I won’t link it, because you’re already here!  It’s not 100% done yet, and things still need to be added, changed. But it’s getting there! 

Summer boots I’m trying to track down…I love wearing dresses + black boots in the summer, my signature look 🙂 

Love everything about these oils : the simplicity, branding, quantity, purity and I adore how you can monogram them. Killer idea +inspiration for my own product! 


***I just got back from St.Lucia last night so I’ve been a little MIA with keeping up with SM! But I’m back and can’t wait to share my journey!!! I hope you’ve all had a beautiful week***


How is it April? Happy April + Wednesday!


Lisa X



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  • Tajna

    Welcome back Lisa ! Sounds like you had a wonderful week , did you go on any good hikes ? The beach has been just perfect in Hawai’i even though it’s been getting pretty hot.
    Is it just me or does The File website look an awful lot like Into the Gloss ? I wanted to share this face mask I have on right now with you as it’s great, smells like strawberries and is so gentle. My skin is always super soft afterwards. Wow I can’t believe you can wear boots in the summer, it must not get too hot in Toronto. I have this pair of Sam Edelman sandals that I’ve been relying on daily as it’s so warm now, they are super colorful and I always get comments on them.
    Got to go !


    • lisa Post author

      Thank You!!

      Yes, it does resemble into the gloss a little 🙂

      That mask looks lovely, thanks for sharing.

      Yes, I wear boots all the time int the summer 🙂 I’m not a fan of sandals at all – except birkenstocks which I have a black pair for when I holiday / camp. If I wear flats, it’s either ballerina slippers or loafers of some sort. Then boots!

      L xx

      • Tajna

        Oh you are welcome Lisa ! 🙂 It’s nice to have you “back” blogging again and on instagram, you are such a positive influence . I try to find shoes that are good for walking a lot ( I average at least 4.8 km most days ) but I always seem to get blisters with each pair of shoes. I hope you can share some pictures from your trip. I went hiking today and it was so tranquil, but then there was a new sign warning about explosives in the area so that cut it short. Kind of scary !

        Have a wonderful weekend.