OMG, need

AND this please! 

Manifesting a new sofa. This one or this, or this. 

This fascinates me.

Office dreams inspiration.

YES, I’ll wear you

On repeat (surprised by my music choices? :p )

A must listen for every woman out there. There might be somethings you don’t resonate with, and that’s ok. I didn’t resonate with everything, but it’s very eye opening, empowering and beautiful. 

Yup, my journal obsession continues. 

2 weddings this summer, I’ll wear this dress to both please.

If you live in NYC, go here for me! 

Thinking of doing this?! I would eventually love to develop a skin care product or a ‘drinkable beauty’ product. Limitless possibilities before us. 





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  • Tajna

    Every week I look forward to these lifestyle posts. It just brightens my day ! Thank you !
    Ok I’m not really into trendy shoes but I bought myself these rainbow beauties, they arrived today and are so comfy, great for this summer in the Mediterranean.
    I also am obsessed with journals, have so many and recently invested in this Bando ombre one, it’s just perfect for organizing months in advance. Also that skincare formulation course look so cool ! One time I made my own “serum” with fresh noni, lavender oil and other goodies but it solidified in the fridge and I don’t use it whoops.

    Have a great day !

    • lisa Post author

      That makes me so happy!

      Those are very, very cute. They will be perfect for the summer. I envision them with a oversized white tee, high waisted levi ‘mom’ jeans,and a pair of black ray bans 🙂

      Bando is amazing. Stay tuned for next week to see what journal I actually ended up ordering 🙂 Changed my mind at the last minute.

      Yes, I probably won’t do it straight away, but early 2018 is my goal.

      Lots of love for the weekend ahead

      L xx

      • Tajna

        Oh I can’t wait to see what journal you chose ! Love to collect beautiful journals when I travel even though I rarely fill them up.
        I’m such a book nerd, right now I’m reading Michael Gross’s book “Focus” which goes in depth about the business of fashion photographers. So fascinating ! All about Penn,Avedon, Diana Vreeland, Alex Liberman, Conde Nast so far. Also even though I avoid gluten and dairy I recently invested in some beautiful Israeli and international Jewish cooking books. There are SO many beautiful breads, soups, grain dishes and desserts that I want to adapt in a healthful way. I love cooking for celebratory events.
        I wish I could wear a white t-shirt but I think I’d spill raw cacao or olive on it. That always happens to me, just got mud on the couch and had to blot it off. High waisted jeans used to be flattering on me but I’m still struggling to lose 12.2 kilos ( from predisone ) so my favorite clothes don’t fit for now. Oh well I seem to be picking up some new favorites and most importantly I’m not criticizing myself . Hard to do when unhealthy standards are still quite the norm in this society but it is getting better.

        Keep inspiring !