We’re in need of a new kitchen table! Love, love, love this. Great value, and it’s made out of certified sustainably sourced wood. 

I’ve been a fan since 2006, when I started to wear it daily, and not just when I headed to the beach O_O

I’ll have one of everything, except for the ripped ones. I’ve never loved the look on me. 

AGELESS BEAUTY. Love, love, love this article. 

Brilliant. Music to my ears. FARMacy. 

Want to get my hands on this

Going darker….inspiration for the switch 😉


My eBook is live, my eBook is live!  I’ve been waiting years for this exact date. My Lyme Disease and fear derailed me, but I truly know that everything. everything, happens for a reason. This is the exact time/place it was meant to be released.  You can purchase it HERE! 

This taco recipe is everything!!! I crave them daily. 

Don’t know what your skin is trying to tell you? My guide will help you take action today! I totally emphasize with you, as I was on a skin roller coaster for so, so, so many years. 


Have a beautiful week guys! I would be beyond grateful, if you took a peek at my eBook page. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the book if you’ve already purchased it, please e-mail me at !!! I look forward to connecting. 

Sending love & light,

Lisa xx 

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2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: WEEK IN GLOW

  • Tajna

    Oh Lisa, I just powered through your beautiful e-book ( fueled by kombucha and a raw cacao truffle ). It is simply wonderful and so empowering to read. I can’t thank you enough for your present of it. Thank YOU ! We tend to think our health struggles aren’t experienced by others but in reality millions of people are suffering every day. It’s so great that you are sharing your story and giving others hope and encouragement. I used to think I was the “only one” who struggled but it’s so not true.
    I’ve yet to have my own home myself but I hope to have a repurposed table someday too. I don’t like to support more waste building and decimation of trees in what I consume/buy. Have to admit, I didn’t use sunblock regularly until a few years ago. I have some freckles and a few sun spots from the sun but miraculously no skin cancer. I use Mineral Fusion’s SPF powder as liquid sunblock and foundation makeup really irritate my skin now. It’s actually more handy for traveling as it’s not a liquid.
    The denim link doesn’t seem to be working !
    Oh have you read Dayle Haddon’s books ?
    Also this book I own and treasure, it’s truly beautiful and has great pieces of wisdom

    🙂 I love all the pictures in your book, you sure do have a great glow !

    • lisa Post author

      YAY! I’m so happy you loved it Tajna! MAKES ME SO HAPPPPPPPPPPY!

      Both of those books look great, thanks for sharing!! <3

      Thanks again Tajna!

      Big love, L xx