Monday Musings . . .

– You have no control over anything in your life other than the meaning you give to the events of your life

– You are the quality of your communication

– Most people don’t take action or make change because they don’t feel like they are worth the effort. . .YOU are worth all the goodness this planet has to offer.

– As soon as you judge, you lose all ability to really connect with others & appreciate their gift to the world

– Take the time to remind people of their purpose during times of trouble

– There is no failure, only feedback

– New questions will always deliver new answers

– You are always at cause but you choose to be an effect

– When you are confused you are ready to learn

– Label = judgement. Labels limit you.

Hope and its sexy cousin Try, gives you a way to escape, a way out. Don’t ‘hope’ or ‘try’ – make it happen.

Have a killer week!

love & light


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